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Artistic Portrait for a Photographic Artist

Meeting and interviewing Larry Johnson, landscape photographer, was a great privilege, a bit of pressure to perform and unexpected fun. 

One look around Larry’s gallery at his exceptional imagery, and I knew I had to make the perfect portrait. The goal of the portrait was a three-way spotlight: Larry’s jovial personality, his art and his jewel-box of a gallery.
Portrait of Larry Johnson, landscape photographer

We sat for the interview on well-positioned benches in the middle of the gallery, and as we talked shop I realized Larry’s casual pose and open attitude were perfect just as he was. Not straight seated, no serious expression, no folded arms. An open, inviting, generous pose; totally natural. Surrounded by his artistry and the artful way he designed his gallery. Identity plus!

Here’s a shot in his photo gallery, and a link to see more of Larry Johnson.
Larry Johnson Photography Gallery

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