Our Photo Mirage Team based in Denver, Colorado

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How and How Much?

picture of Photomirage principals Karl Arndt & Sara Frances

Karl Arndt                                                       Sara Frances 

We welcome the challenge of any location worldwide, but love how Denver, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the American Southwest offer some of the most extraordinary backgrounds anywhere. Our job is all about fitting the right approach and value to the individual client, with over the top postproduction as the essential core of both our artistic and business philosophies. With passion and 110% confidence we accept commissions to create carefully crafted fusion video and photography to grow your business and tell your story.

We are Foto Griots, which is the honorific name from French West African cultural tradition for a storyteller, seer, adviser, poet and historian of the people. We started out dedicated to documentary photojournalism and have never gotten tired of telling people’s stories. We love working with anyone who has a passion for what they do and who they are. Our job is to quickly put people at ease in front of the camera and capture gracefully the essence of their personalities, their contribution to their neighborhood, business, art or the public trust. At our wedding our curandero, or shaman, in Acapulco spoke that our lives should be: Por la gente, la ciudad, la casa y el corazon. For the people, the town, the home and the heart.

Our mission is to provide moderately priced, accessible production services to individual professionals and businesses, wherever you may be, worldwide.

Our goal is to create highly visible,  emotionally engaging HD quality video that will significantly boost SEO ratings and excite your potential clients to take the next step toward actual purchase or commission.

I have discovered that artistic team work
doesn’t just double inspiration;
it multiplies focus and possibilities.”

Karl Arndt videographer & editor

“You + our skills + the best tools =
the experience you want
for your clients.
We work very hard to make what
we do appear effortless.”

Sara Frances Master Photographic Craftsman

ForKarl Arndt the last 10+ years have been a layer cake of fast moving technology and complex process steps to be simplified. He is an inventor and equipment mechanic; he pushes the envelope of what is possible. His goal is to accelerate the visual and emotional value of the moving picture and cinematic edit for commercial commissions as well as his own personal documentary projects.

Sara Frances is a veteran professional photographer and photojournalist as well as a video producer and voice-over performer. She has won recognition in both commercial and art photography circles, and is known as an author, technical blogger and credentialed teacher. Her passions are editorial photojournalism, iPhone photography, book design and mentoring. Her professional titles are M.Photog.CR, EA-ASP, API, MA.

Contact us for a PDF that details the five main types of Fusion video/still productions for web, business identity, PR, fund raising, tutorials, interviews and documentary presentations. Also tips for getting the best PR and identity portraits. Free of course!

Typical investment ranges for the 2011-2012 season are:

  • Focal Point web identity 2-4 minutes: $750-$1,500
  • One Minute shorts: $125-$175
  • Animated slide shows 1-3 minutes: $450-$950
  • Detailed tutorial, interview or fund raising appeal 7-20 minutes: $3,000-$6,500
  • Documentary presentations: by scope and quotation