Video, Still Animation & eBook Portfolio

The best web content…

…is Fusion Media – a mix of video, animated still photographs and eBooks to excite your web guest.

Fusion Media is HD video, still photography, animated stills, interviews, narration, graphics, music and live sound and more – all uniquely combined to fit your company’s goals for growth and identity . It is the golden opportunity for professionals and businesses to visually demonstrate their credential, recent projects and personnel. Diversity of elements in key for high ranking web presence. Your video message will be stronger, more lasting and reach a wider audience with a thoughtful production by Karl Arndt and Sara Frances.

There are 5 main types of Fusion Media for corporate, small business and professional application:

  • Identity profiles
  • One minute shorts
  • Animated slide shows
  • Detailed tutorials, interviews and fund raising appeals
  • Presentation longer duration video

Email or phone us right away to tell us about your business! We’ll be glad to explain in detail and help you decide what kinds of Fusion Media will work best for you and your budget.

Photo Mirage HD is based in Denver, Colorado, and is available throughout Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, the American West and worldwide.

Our Hours are your hours; our studio is your studio.